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Past Life Regression  



Past Life Regression allows for the recall of memories, experiences, and emotions involved with previous lives that continue to influence an individual's present day existence on an unconscious level. By allowing hidden influences and behaviors from the past to be expressed in present day awareness, it is possible to free oneself from negative patterns, beliefs, and physical ailments that no longer serve an individual in this life.

For the most part, people in the East believe in reincarnation, but it's not readily accepted by Western society.  Many churches reject the doctrine of past-lives, and their members can be skeptical or even hostile when confronted with the possibility of the soul having previous incarnations on earth.  Past-life regressions under hypnosis are most often cited as evidence (the only evidence) substantiating the concept.  For those who doubt that hypnosis is real, or think it imagination or confabulation, the evidence seems shaky.   Nevertheless, the case for reincarnation is far from insubstantial. 

The best evidence we have that reincarnation exists consists of:

  • Waking-state (normal) memories of past-lives.  Many young children have memories of a previous existence, and make remarks to their parents that may seem preposterous.  Yet, in documented cases, some children were able to identify their previous homes and recognize their former relatives and friends.  Adults retain memories of past-lives too. There are some cases where past-life information would have been difficult to obtain, yet when researched, the information proved accurate.
  • Documented cases exist of two or more people, strangers to each other, remembering the same past-life event in great detail.
  • People speaking or writing in foreign languages (even dead languages) while regressed to the appropriate time and place.

Is Past Life Regression Real?

Not all experiences recalled in a Past Life Regression (PLR) have actually been lived out in a former lifetime.  Whether or not hypnotic past life regressions consistently uncover past life experiences is likely to remain open for debate.  Past life recollections are not necessarily complete or accurate; so the mind often remembers the most emotionally laden events, and fill in the rest with confabulations.  This is typical of us in our present-life memories as well.  Your memory and your imagination come from the same source.  However, that which comes out of the subconscious mind in dreams, imagining or fantasy symbolizes some aspect of a person's life, so what is retrieved as past-life memories can also be metaphors for present-life events and circumstances.  Yet, whether the memories are real or imagined, it's of no significance if the recalled experience solves the problem or offers insight; which is usually the case. 

Successful resolution of trauma can result from properly conducted past life regression therapy; and the value of past life regression has been demonstrated again and again. Recalling a past event, usually done with vivid emotion, typically results in resolving the problem; and people tend to identify with the memory far more dramatically than if they were fabricating it.  From a therapeutic standpoint, the hypnotherapist need not evaluate the truth of the client's story.  The story merely has to help heal the client.

Metaphysical Exploration

More and more people want to explore their inner awareness through a past life regression.  PLRs can be done in a private session or in small groups.  Private sessions have the advantage of focused interactivity between the regressionist and the journeyor and that allows for a deeper exploration because the client can answer questions and describe his experience while in trance.  Another advantage of a private session is that you may be provided with an audio tape of your personal experience to review from time to time. 

Clinical Application of Past Life Therapy


Past life memories may come to us in many guises, i.e.: the deja vu experience; recurrent dreams of a specific location or of a frightening event; or perhaps a crippling phobia or an unexplained fear.

In a clinical setting, clients explore the possibility that present life problems may stem from traumatic events (or in their belief in them) from prior lifetimes. For example, a fear of water, public speaking, or heights (to name a few common phobias) may relate to the 'memory' of a death by drowning, hanging, choking, or perhaps falling from a high place. 

As these past life traumas are explored and resolved, the phobias can cease to be for the client.  Today, past life therapy is being used effectively by increasing numbers of mental health professionals all over the world. 

In the "Affect Bridge Technique", through the emotional "feelings" and "body sensations" associated with a present life problem, the client is prompted to locate the source or cause of the "feeling".  Sometimes this leads to a painful past life memory. The client, in the personality of the past-life character, is guided through the traumatic episode in that lifetime, and possibly through the death experience in that lifetime. The hypnotherapist assists the client in resolving any remaining emotional issues, any unfinished business in that life, and integrates the experience into the present life situation.  The past life character, as spirit, moves away from the body and the death scene and fully into the light in a way similar to the near death experience (NDE).

A surprising number of emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy, and often in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy. Many psychosomatic physical ailments can diminish or cease altogether through past life regression therapy.

Spirit Releasement Therapy

When a hypnotherapist, trained in Past Life Therapy and Spirit Releasement Therapy, recognizes the possibility that some of the scenarios may not be those of the client, but of someone else, i.e.: an attached spirit of a deceased human being; this condition has historically been labeled spirit possession .   A better term might be spirit attachment , indicating an interference, which is a much more common event than possession, which implies complete takeover.   Oddly, even those who deny believing in spirit attachment, speak language that reflects an inner knowledge of it: "What's gotten into you?"  "What possessed me to do that?" or "I'm not myself today."

The possibility of spirit possession, (the full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate entity) has been, at the very least, theorized , throughout the world, throughout history and by every culture. A disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, which exerts some degree of control on their behavior, mental and emotional functioning, as well as producing sensations and symptoms in the physical body.

Spirit Releasement: The discovery and identification of any and all attached discarnate spirits or entities is the first step to releasement. 

The possibility of attached entities seem to fall into one of the following categories: 1) the spirits (or fragments of same),   2) of deceased human beings,   3) terminated pregnancies,  4) the mind fragments of living people  5) the dark force entities, historically described as demons; 6) extraterrestrial or other-worldly or from other dimensions or densities).  Although some defy classification, the second step is to differentiate between them.

The next step is to establish a dialogue with the entity.  Inducing it to recognize its unwelcome discovery, getting it to release its (now aware and unwilling host) and guiding it to pursue its own destination.  (The actual release of the attached entity).

At this point,  guided imagery of light, protection and shielding are given to client. (And self-induced in the practitioner).  Next, metaphorically, the newly vacated space is filled.

Occasionally, in ongoing therapy, more 'entities' may be found and released in subsequent sessions.  Past life therapy and fragmentation recovery are both vital to restore balance to the client.  It's important to resolve both the presenting conflict as well as the emotional vulnerability which first allowed the spirit attachment.  I find it particularly interesting that Sigmond Freud referred to the aspects of personality as 'entities'. 

Soul-Mind Fragmentation

The recovery of 'soul-mind fragmentation' is an ancient shamanic method of healing.   Sickness was considered to be caused by the loss of one's soul, or part of it.  The healings consisted of the shaman journeying into the underworld to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person, thereby restoring wholeness and health.  Shamanic healing is still being done today.  In shamanic work, the receiver or client remains passive. 

In recovering soul-mind fragmentation, the client is guided to locate the original trauma, recover the lost fragment, and welcome it back into the body/mind space.  In a clinical setting, this approach is empowering for the client who takes an active part in the process. 

Comments like: "It was a shattering experience." "I'm falling apart." or...  "I'm not all here today" seem to reflect soul-mind fragmentation in our language.  Our language tends to indicate an inner awareness.  We also have language that seems to indicate the healing of the condition is also familiar to our inner wisdom.  We use language like this: "Pull yourself together" or "She's a very together person". 

Physical or emotional traumas may cause fragmentation and/or the formation of sub-personalities, some of which literally "leave the premises". With effective therapy, the trauma is processed to resolution, with no remaining emotional residue, and the fragment is recovered and reintegrated. With the fragment safely home, the client often reports a feeling of warmth, peace, and a pleasant new sense of wholeness.  Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in shamanic healing traditions and it may prove to be an important piece the holistic healing puzzle.

Past Life, Spirit Releasement and Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation therapies can ease or eliminate emotional and some physical conditions.  The use of these controversial modalities may be a useful choice in a select number of cases.