Life Between Lives

Spiritual Regression

Life Between Lives (LBL) Spiritual Regression Therapy was developed and put into practice 30 years ago by Dr. Michael Newton. Life Between Lives therapy is a specialized process whereby a client is facilitated to attain a super-conscience state in which he or she is able to see, hear and/or feel what his or her soul is experiencing in the state between lives on earth.

This experience provides an individual with a deeper awareness and self- understanding of soul purpose and identity on earth. During this process, a new depth of empowerment emerges providing a new vision, a stronger sense of self-direction, and energy for life.

The Regression Process

The Regression process includes realization, guided imagery, and hypnosis in order to experience the healing, mystical and "real" world of when we exist as an eternal soul. The majority of individuals are positively capable of actualizing and accomplishing this experience.

The Life Between Lives experience not only sheds light regarding specific details concerning a transition from the Body into Spirit,during the LBL session individuals derive an enhanced understanding of why they are here, why they face the challenges that have arisen during the course of life, and what needs of their soul are being fulfilled in passing through these experiences. Through an encounter with one's "Council of Elders" and a visitation to what some have termed "The Place of Life Selection" it is understood (through experience, not blind belief) that our present human incarnation, like those which preceded it, is a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution. As a result, individuals return to wakeful consciousness with a deeper commitment to live out their "soul's contract" or life's purpose. The precious opportunity for spiritual evolution in our life can now be met with excitement and understanding.

The process of Life Between Lives spiritual therapy comprises the following components of regression:

Session Length and What To Bring

Hypnotic Regression is a method of facilitating an individual into a deep hypnotic trance for the purpose of behavioral, emotional, and/or physiological transformation. The outcome of hypnotic regression allows for meaningful and positive change to occur in one's daily life.
Past Life Regression allows for the recall of memories, experiences, and emotions involved with previous lives that continue to influence an individual's present day existence on an unconscious level. By allowing hidden influences and behaviors from the past to be expressed in present day awareness, it is possible to free oneself from negative patterns, beliefs, and physical ailments that no longer serve an individual in this life.
Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression is a journey into the realm where the soul discards the physical body after death. A brief visit to the death scene of the closest past life experience serves as the springboard to launch an individual's journey into super-conscience awareness and the spirit world, where the soul goes between physical incarnations.
Life Between Lives Regression requires a 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 hour session in order to gain the level of relaxation needed .. The sessions are recorded for your convenience.  I will provide you with CD's of your session.
Please bring a Cast of Characters List to include the first name of 10 -15 significant people in your life. Next to each name include their relationship to you and a few words to describe their personality.

It is highly recommended that prospective clients first experience at least one session of hypnosis, preferably Past Life Regression (PLR),  It may be possible to schedule PLR session the day prior to the LBL appointment but I recommend at least one week. Individuals familiar with trance tend to enter inot the hypnotic state more rapidly and with greater depth than those encountering this altered state for the first time.

The cost of the Life Between Lives session is $295 per session and lasts between  3 1/2 and 4 1/2 hours. Please call me if you would like further information or to schedule an appointment. 623-505-3168